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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

2024 Technical Program

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106 Advancements in Cementing

Wednesday, 14 February
Room 3
  • 1100-1120 23243
    Cement Strength Evaluation For Wellbore Integrity
    A.P. Bathija, R. Martinez, Aramco Americas
  • 1120-1140 23251
    Tortuosity Assurance For Safe Well Delivery Via High-definition Dynamic Surveys, A Case Study In Middle Eastern Unconventional Gas Wells
    M.A. Elsadig, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia; V. Oliveira, A. Dossari, Saudi Aramco D&WO; A. Osman, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia; A. Al-ghazzawi, SLB
  • 1140-1200 23275
    Test Methodology To Evaluate Cement Compatibility In Strategic Underground Gas Storage For Energy Transition
    V.S. Iorio, Eni S.p.A.; F. Cracolici, L. Sabatino, Eni SpA; A. Viareggio, ENI S.P.A.; E. Previde Massara, A. Consonni, N. Bona, D. Farina, F. Parrozza, Eni SpA
  • 1200-1220 23285
    A Step Towards Pro-active And Sustainable Elimination Of Sustainable Annular Pressures
    P. Carragher, J. Dearmon, BiSN; Z.A. Mahroon, A.O. Shaarawi, Saudi Aramco
  • Alternate 23227
    A Systematic Cementing Approach To Improve The Shoe Track Integrity: Case Studies From Saudi Arabia
    W. Ali, M. Bouaraki, F. Al Turki, TAQA; L. Don, Saudi Aramco PE&D
  • Alternate 23294
    Innovative Solution To Minimize Oil-based Mud Formation Damage In Jurassic Depleted Reservoirs
    A. Al-Dhafiri, Y.M. Alotaibi, T. Bloushi, M. Al-Mutawa, M. Al-ajmi, Kuwait Oil Company; M.E. Abdelbagi, S. Sierra Martinez, M. Abdel-Basset, SLB
  • Alternate 23279
    Maximizing Drilling Efficiency: A Novel Solution To Handle Wellbore Ballooning In High Pressure Formation Through Applying A Fit-for-purpose Drilling Fluid And Managed Pressure Techniques
    A. Al Oqayli, Saudi Aramco D&WO; C. Iturrios Acosta, Weatherford Saudi Arabia; T. Zerea, Saudi Aramco D&WO
  • Alternate 23265
    Scrubbing Spacer For Gas Storage Wells
    M. Maarof, F. Siddiqi, A. El Hancha, U. Qasmi, slb; R. Masoud Zuleta, Aramco
  • Alternate 23228
    Successful PMCD Application Enabled To Drill A Complex Multi-fractured Formation
    M. Guiza, N. Otaibi, Saudi Aramco D&WO; G. Kheir, H. Duno, Halliburton
  • Alternate 23223
    Development Of A New Retarder Recipe With Improved Performance Efficiency At Mid Temperature Range In Oil And Gas Well Cementing Operations
    C.C. Ohochukwu, Taqa Well Services; M. Samuel, OPT Chemical Technologies Inc; Z. Liang, OPT Chemical Technologies
  • Alternate 23255
    Utilizing Advanced Rotating Control Heads Technology To Enhance Safety While Drilling A Challenging Exploratory Well - A Successful Case History
    M. Haq, Weatherford; M. Omer, Weatherford International Inc.

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