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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

2024 Technical Program

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078 Advances in Well Logging

Tuesday, 13 February
Room 5
  • 1600-1620 24359
    Hydrocarbon Saturation Evaluation Behind Gravel Packing And Complex Completion Through Advanced Pulsed Neutron Logging
    E.L. How, C. Cavalleri, SLB; N.A. Yusuf, Schlumberger; W.A. Tolioe, S. Hakimi, SLB; M. Hendrawati, PETRONAS Carigali
  • 1620-1640 24332
    Acquiring Real-time Data In Under Balanced Coiled Tubing Drilling For Geosteering: The Current Success And Factors Limiting Physics Boundaries
    F. Alnasser, Saudi Aramco PE&D; M. Ibrahim, F. Enezi, Saudi Aramco
  • 1640-1700 24338
    Dispersion Corrections On LWD Quadrupole Data: Methods And Results.
    S. Schimschal, T. Geerits, L. Wu, Baker Hughes; R. Sy, Baker Hughes RDS
  • 1700-1720 24313
    Advanced Wireline Log Acquisition And Innovative Data Processing, Along With An Integrated Petrophysical Methodology, Unleash The Full Potential Of A Cycle II/III Reservoir Offshore Sarawak.
    T.B. Nordin, A. A Azid, L. Ong, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd
  • Alternate 24258
    Advancements In Next Generation Collar Compact Integrated Logging While Drilling Technology
    J. Verma, M. Alamin, NESR
  • Alternate 24262
    Novel Application To Estimate Cement Quality By Means Of Elemental Spectroscopy Data
    H. Tanjung, A. Al-Fawwaz, G. Al-Qahtani, Aramco Gulf Operations Co
  • Alternate 24353
    Completion Optimization By Fracture Mapping Using Real Time High Resolution Resistivity Imaging Tool In Horizontal Wells Of Western Offshore India
    P. Bagga, Baker Hughes
  • Alternate 24333
    Automated NMR/ BHI Results For Realtime Characterization Of A Low-perm Laminated Reservoir: Validation And Insights From Innovative Interpretation Of Lwd Data
    T. Akindipe, P. Perfetta, ConocoPhillips Alaska; C. Shrivastava, Z.J. Ramadan, J. Seitz, SLB
  • Alternate 24306
    A Novel Multi-probe Solution To Overcome Fluid Sampling Challenges In Low Permeability Carbonate Reservoirs In The Middle East
    V.N. Telang, S. Sepehri, Baker Hughes; A. Nestyagin, A. Diaz Ferrer, ADNOC Onshore; R. Mathew, Y. Al Bahsouss, Baker Hughes; M.V. Serebrenikov, Baker Hughes Solutions
  • Alternate 24354
    Real-time Automated Formation Evaluation Using The Integration Of Logging While Drilling And Advanced Cuttings Analysis
    A.E. Alqunais, Saudi Aramco PE&D; T. Ferrida, Halliburton; A. Taher, Halliburton Saudi Arabia

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