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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

2024 Technical Program

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083 Automated Systems and Advanced Sensing: Unleashing the Potential

Tuesday, 13 February
Room 10
  • 1600-1620 24319
    Mission Planning For Geophysical Exploration By A Group Of Uavs
    V. Serpiva, A. Timoshenko, S. Karaf, G. Yashin, Aramco Innovations LLC; P. Golikov, EXPEC Advanced Research Center
  • 1620-1640 24372
    Accuracy Assessments Of The Deterministic And Deep Learning-based Automated Land-cover Classification From Drone Imageries Intended For Seismic Survey Scouting In Arid Areas
    A. Ramdani, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; P. Golikov, Saudi Aramco PE&D; Y. Ma, Aramco Americas; A. Bakulin, Saudi Aramco PE&D
  • 1640-1700 24265
    IoT, Machine Learning, And Edge Computing: The Key To Improving Efficiencyand Safety In Oil And Gas Assets Via Remote Sensing
    R. Grover, Amazon Web Services
  • 1700-1720 24346
    Clustering Intermittent Pumping: A Novel Low-cost Intelligent Producing Method For Multiple Wells Based On Edge Computing
    C. Wang, J. Shi, Research Inst Petr Expl & Dev; X. Zhang, Research Inst Petr Expl & Dev, CNPC; R. Zhao, University of Petroleum China Beijing
  • Alternate 24321
    Geothermal Electric Submersible Pump Well Manager System Optimizes Performance Through Machine Learning Diagnostics And Real-time Virtual Parameters
    C.S. Tandazo Castro, J.P. Atencia Alvarez, F. Corredor, Y. Hu, X. Nunez, H. Sjerps, Halliburton
  • Alternate 24351
    Connected Worker Hub; Centralized Safety Practices
    S. Alghunaim, R. Alnoaimi, H. Rasheed, R. Chelak, Saudi Aramco
  • Alternate 24358
    Autonomous Srp Optimization Using An Edge-based Solution
    M. Yermekova, S. Srivastava, A. Gambaretto, SLB
  • Alternate 24344
    Off-The-Shelf IoT Gateways As A Viable Alternative To Traditional HMI Devices
    A. Mohamed, M. Rahamtallah, T. Almuhdi, Schneider Electric; A. Louiz, Alkhorayef Petroleum; N. Ghizawi, Schneider Electric; K.O. Elsheikh, Al Khorayef Commercial Co.
  • Alternate 24298
    Dissolvable Materials For Buoyancy Driven Downhole Robots
    H. Seren, Aramco Americas; M. Larbi Zeghlache, Saudi Aramco PE&D; C. Powell, Aramco Americas, Houston; N. Stmichel, Aramco Services Company
  • Alternate 24373
    Assessing The Reliability Of Quadruped Robot-based Autonomous Inspections In The Energy Sector
    M. Fiorucci, D. Porciani, L. Salusti, G. De Magistris, Baker Hughes

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