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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

2024 Technical Program

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044 Brownfield Optimisation

Tuesday, 13 February
Room 14
  • 0900-0920 24166
    Success Story Of Production Improvement In A Matured Carbonate Reservoir In Bahrain Field Using Radial Drilling Technology
    L. Konwar, A. Panicker, A. AlJawder, Y. Aman, A.T. Garadah, S. Darwish, W. Ali, N. Wakil, E. Alowainati, Tatweer Petroleum
  • 0920-0940 24172
    Optimization Of High Water Cut Wells Without Gas Lift Capability And High Gas Oil Ratio Wells, Leveraging Live Data, Hydraulic Modelling And Data Driven Approach - Mature Deepwater West Africa Fields Examples
    N. Arief Tham, ExxonMobil Business Support Center Malaysia Sdn Bhd; S. Andre, W. Silva, Esso Exploration Angola (Block 15) Limited; J. Yong, K. Lok, ExxonMobil Business Support Center Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  • 0940-1000 24137
    A Step Change; Achieving Excellence In Optimizations And Exceeding Global Top Quartile In A Brown Field
    A. Al-Hajri, G.T. Al Shukaili, F. Al Adi, M. Kaabi, S.S. Al-kindi, Petroleum Development Oman
  • 1000-1020 24170
    Mature Fields Production Optimization Using Conformance Enhancement Gels.
    A. Sabaa, Agiba Petroleum Company
  • Alternate 24195
    The Success Of Implementing The Foam Batching In Gas
    T. Al Hadhrami, B. Ghaempanah, Petroleum Development Oman
  • Alternate 24185
    Successful Deployment Of Mechanical Water Shut Off Assisted By Production Logging And Potential Solutions For Future Challenges
    I. Maryono, W. Guraini, Saudi Aramco SAOO; A. Alnaser, Saudi Aramco PE&D; M.S. Mulhim, Saudi Aramco
  • Alternate 24217
    Scale Milling Enhancement In Depleted Gas Wells
    S. AL BALUSHI, A. Charushin, S. Maskari, K. Al-Mataani, NESR; A. Kusela, Petroleum Development Oman
  • Alternate 24192
    Successful Mechanical Water Shut Off Using Autonomous Inflow Control Valves
    O. Ashi, R. Altowairqi, B. Aljuaid, Saudi Aramco SAOO
  • Alternate 24117
    Systematic Approach To Enhance Wells Deliverability Through High-pressure Acid Jetting In Highly Fractured Carbonate Reservoir
    A. Al Adawi, Petroleum Development Oman

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