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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

2024 Technical Program

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141 Experimental Findings and Technological Advances in CCUS

Wednesday, 14 February
Room 8
  • 1600-1620 23997
    Effect Of Co2 Chemical Reaction On Rock Pore Surface Morphology - A Laboratory Study
    G. Singer, Halliburton; M.M. Shouxiang, Saudi Aramco RDD; S. Chen, Halliburton Co.
  • 1620-1640 23958
    Co2 Soluble Surfactants Assisted Carbon Storage Under Achievable Pressure Gradients: Effect Of Surfactant Partitioning Behavior During Continuous CO2 Injection
    L. Ding, A. Alsofi, Aramco Asia; M. Almajid, Saudi Aramco PE&D; P. Patil, Saudi Aramco
  • 1640-1700 24000
    Analysis Of Foam For Gas Geosequestration
    A.A. Adebayo, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; M.G. Rezk, King Fahd Univ. of Petrol. & Minerals; S.O. Badmus, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; R.S. Babu, King Fahd Univ. of Petroleum & Minerals
  • Alternate 24038
    Direct CO2 Mineralization Via Foamed Cement & Concrete
    A. Santra, ARAMCO Services Company; K. Johnson, R. Martinez, Aramco Americas
  • Alternate 23962
    Experimental Study On The Use Of Nanoparticles To Improve The Efficiency Of CO2 Geological Storage
    Y. Sugai, F. Ishibashi, J. Kumasaka, E. Takehiro, Kyushu University
  • Alternate 23908
    In Situ Characterization Of Wettability In Co2-brine-rock System Based On X-ray Microtomography
    Q. Chen, J. Hou, B. Wei, China University of Petroleum (East China)
  • Alternate 24055
    Experimental Studies of Geochemical and Mineralogical Interaction of CO2 Brine and Rock for Geological Carbon Storage
    M. Khan, University of Houston; G. Thakur,
  • Alternate 23947
    Effect Of Pore Pressure On Supercritical Co2 Injectivity And Storage Capacity In Saline Aquifers Of Sandstone And Carbonate Formations - A Micro Ct Based Experimental Study
    S.Z. Khan, R. Al-Abdrabalnabi, W. Yu, M. Kamal, X. Zhou, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
  • Alternate 24015
    Characterizing Acoustic Responses Of Supercritcal Fluid Injectivity With Perforation Laboratory Testing
    G. Wilson, Halliburton; R. Dehart, J. McGregor, B. Grove, Jet Research Center; T. Bickley, J. Ma, D. Barlow, M. Jaaskelainen, Halliburton

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