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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

2024 Technical Program

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071 Experimental Testing and Evaluation

Tuesday, 13 February
Room 13
  • 1400-1420 24536
    Crude Steady-State Permeability Measurements On Carbonate Source Rocks And Effect Of Water Block From Fracturing Fluid On Productivity
    A. Mathur, S. Ali, W.D. Von Gonten Engineering LLC.; S.L. Eichmann, A. Gupta, Aramco Research Center – Houston, Aramco Americas; M. Ali, W.D. Von Gonten Engineering LLC.; R. Vaidya, Aramco Research Center – Houston, Aramco Americas; R. Mesdour, M. Albassam, Unconventional Reservoir Engineering Department, Saudi Aramco; M. Cordes, W.D. Von Gonten Engineering LLC.
  • 1420-1440 24537
    Unconventional Reservoir Characterization By Higher Frequency Nuclear Magnetic Resonance And Combined With Other Laboratory Techniques
    Z. Xie, O. Reffell, Core Laboratories
  • 1440-1500 23880
    Hydrocarbon Generation From Oil Shale Using Thermochemicals: Integration Of Geochemical, Petrophysical, And Core Flooding Methods
    S.S. Aljurf, A.M. Hassan, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; A. Elyasa, A.H. El-Husseiny, I.S. Abu-Mahfouz, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals; M.A. Mahmoud, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
  • 1500-1520 23848
    Investigation Into Modes Of Fluid Flow In Oil Spontaneous Imbibition Into Unconventional Source Rocks Using NMR
    S.M. Althaus, J. Chen, H. Liu, Aramco Americas; M. Boudjatit, Saudi Aramco
  • Alternate 23862
    Experimental Investigation Of Oil Displacement Caused By Fracturing-fluid Imbibition In Hydraulically Fractured Oil-wet Shale Reservoirs
    J. Zhu, China University of Petroleum; F. Wang, University of Petroleum China Beijing; J. Wang, D. Xiong, S. Zhang, China University Of Petroleum(Beijing)
  • Alternate 23864
    An Efficient Way To Measure Porosity And Permeability, Its Stress Sensitivity, And Biot Coefficient For Unconventional Source Rocks
    J. Zhang, H. Liu, J. Duncan, Aramco Americas
  • Alternate 23905
    Challenges Of Laminated Shaly Rocks Evaluation And Fit-for-purpose Core Analysis Workflow
    S. Al-Ofi, Baker Hughes Co. Saudi Arabia; S. Ma, Saudi Aramco; R. Alhammad, Baker Hughes Co. Saudi Arabia; H. Zhang, Baker Hughes
  • Alternate 23875
    Time-dependent Surface Mechanical Properties Of Shale During Acid Fracturing: Microindentation Insights
    R.M. Rached, S. Haider, Sinopec Tech Middle East
  • Alternate 23866
    Source Rock Maturity Via Dielectric Relaxation Under Ultra-fast Microwave Heating
    J.O. Alvarez, D.J. Jacobi, P. Srinivasan, Aramco Americas
  • Alternate 23870
    Characterization And Index Measurements Of The Unconventional Qusaiba Rock Member From Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia
    E. Gramajo, Sinopec Tech Middle East LLC; R. Rached, Sinopec Tech Middle East; K. Ayranci, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

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