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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

2024 Technical Program

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004 Integrated Reservoir Characterisation

Monday, 12 February
Room 4
  • 1400-1420 23829
    The Integrated Utilization Of Well Logging And Core Data In X-field, North Malay Basin Aims To Analyze The Integrity Of Caprock Seals And The Development Of Thin Bed Reservoirs For Co2 Sequestration.
    M. Che Mat, R. Jordan Leite, M. A Rahman, PETRONAS Research Sdn Bhd
  • 1420-1440 23833
    An Innovative Approach To Real-time NMR Permeability Calibration Utilizing Azimuthally Oriented Formation Testing While Drilling
    M. Fouda, A. Taher, Halliburton; O.A. Ramadan, M. Saad, Saudi Aramco
  • 1440-1500 23846
    Reservoir Quality Prediction: MICP-derived Microporosity Effects On Sonic Velocity
    G.T. Baechle, Saudi Aramco; F.H. Alkaba, G. Hursan, Saudi Aramco PE&D; N. Quintero Tudares, Saudi Aramco
  • 1500-1520 23733
    Paradigm Shift Of The Deep Marine Fan Deposit (ultra Tight) Gumai Sand Reservoir’S Development Upon Recently Known Subsurface Heterogeneity And Uncertainty In Tempino Field, Jambi, Indonesia
    R. Rahadian, PT Pertamina EP; H.H. Sipahutar, PERTAMINA
  • Alternate 23773
    A Case Study Applying Multi-well Saturation Height Modeling Combined With Pore Geometry Advanced Petrophysical Rock Types For Integrated Reservoir Characterization And Field Development Studies
    Y.M. SAHAR, G.W. Gunter, E.J. Viro, SLB; S. Negahban, Dragon Oil PLC.
  • Alternate 23802
    Complex Reservoir Typing By Dual Imaging, Thin Sections And Advanced Mud Gas Analysis For A Weathered Granite Basement In Transformation Zone, Pearl River Mouth Basin, Offshore South China
    L. Guan, T. Xiong, X. Wang, Q. Jiang, CNOOC Shenzhen Ltd.; B. Liu, M. Shao, X. Zeng, J. Zhou, Baker Hughes
  • Alternate 23716
    Far Field Petrophysics Utilizing Deep Resistivity High Definition And Ultra-deep Resistivity 3D Inversion In Thin Laminated Reservoirs
    E. Bikchandaev, Halliburton; I. Hermawan Manuaba, Saudi Aramco; A. Taher, Halliburton; R. Ghanim, Saudi Aramco
  • Alternate 23778
    Upscaling Surface Roughness In Porous Media: From Pore To Core And Beyond
    H. Kwak, X. He, Saudi Aramco PE&D; Y. Li, H. Hoteit, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology
  • Alternate 23831
    Determination Of Water Saturation & Porosity In A Carbonate Formation Using Mud Logging Data
    M.J. Al-Khafaji, Missan Oil Company
  • Alternate 23841
    Integrated Process-based Geological Modeling For Reservoir Quality And Storage Capacity Prediction
    R. Zuhlke, W. Alkawai, Saudi Aramco EXPEC ARC; A. Davies, Halliburton-Landmark; H. Mehmood, Halliburton Saudi Arabia
  • Alternate 23817
    Integrate Inter-well Connectivity Data With Static Reservoir Models Based On Gradual Deformation Method
    Y. Li, Beijing Research Center of EXPEC ARC Saudi Aramco; L. Hu, Aramco Far East Beijing

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