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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

2024 Technical Program

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005 Integrated Reservoir Engineering and Geosciences — Case Studies

Monday, 12 February
Room 5
  • 1400-1420 23823
    An Integrated Interdisciplinary Approach To Delivering Successful Infill Wells In A Mature Field
    X. Yeoh, S. Ghani, A. Fadjarijanto, B. Gallagher, A. Bakar, A. Sikandar, H. Hoeyland, Jadestone Energy
  • 1420-1440 23717
    Unlocking Behind Casing Potential With Holistic Machine Learning Approach In Complex Ultra Brown Oil Field
    F.H. Kasim, PETRONAS; W. W Mohd Zainudin, PETRONAS Research Sdn Bhd; S. Majidaie, A. Fakrudin, I. Marzuki Gazali, PETRONAS
  • 1440-1500 23731
    Unleashing The Potential Of Rate Transient Analysis: Transforming The Exploitation Of Mature And Tight Fields, 40-Years Mature Field Case Study.
    M. Adel Gabry, University of Houston; A. Gharieb, Khalda Petroleum Company
  • 1500-1520 23775
    Remaining Oil Distribution Research And Potential Tapping Practice Of Offshore Bottom Water Reservoir After Long-term High Intensity Water Injection
    W. Yang, CNOOC Limited; J. Chen, Tianjin Branch of CNOOC Ltd; s. wang, CNOOC; Z. Zhang, Bohai Oil Research Institute; M. Zhang, Tianjin Branch of CNOOC Ltd
  • Alternate 23760
    Multiscale Data Integration For Field Development Planning - Pulsed Neutron Provides New Insights Into Reviving Brownfield Production -
    N. Bendali Amor, SLB; A. BENMERABET, L. Belaifa, F. Artebasse, Sonatrach; R. Lamali, K. Kecili, SLB
  • Alternate 23756
    Production Optimization In Mature Carbonate Field With Seismic Reprocessing And Quantitative Interpretation
    C.L. Lai, N. Che Sidik, N. Salleh, Sapura OMV Upstream; M. Abu Bakar, SapuraOMV
  • Alternate 23765
    Achieving Ultimate Production Recovery By Building On The Successful Development Through Infill Project Utilizing Fit For Purpose Integrated Static And Dynamic Modelling
    S.S. Al Shoaibi, S. Omairi, H. Al Riyami, A. Al Suleimani, A. Barwani, Y. Hajri, S. Al Khaduri, Petroleum Development Oman
  • Alternate 23722
    Study On In-situ Stress Evolution And Its Impact On Infill Well Fractures Propagation- A Case Study From China
    Z. Wei, Research Institute of Petr Expl & Development Beijing
  • Alternate 23814
    Using Pressure Transient Analysis As An Effective Surveillance Technique To Locate The Remaining Oil In A Sandstone Heavy Oil Reservoir Under Water-flood
    a.H. almahrouqi, P. Govinda, J. McCaslin, Petroleum Development Oman
  • Alternate 23803
    Sustainable Redevelopment Of The Volve Field Amidst Recent Energy Security Challenges Faced By Northwestern Europe; A Case Study From Central North Sea:
    M. Ahmad, M. Yaser, Schlumberger; M. Abdel-Basset, SLB; R. Abdelrahim, E. Siddique, M.E. Abdelbagi, B. Firmansyah, M. Akhtar, Schlumberger
  • Alternate 23769
    Integration Of Data To Unlock Field X Recovery: Case Study Of Potential Vertical And Inter-fault Block Communications To De-risk Infill Target Location.
    A. Zakariah, Y. Tan, I. Mortaza, M.A. Ab Wahab, N. Azahari, M. Abd Hamid, PETRONAS

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