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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

2024 Technical Program

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020 Integrated Reservoir Modelling

Monday, 12 February
Room 5
  • 1600-1620 24059
    Evaluation Of Saturations, Wettability, Permeability And Relative Permeability Of Tight, Vuggy, Oil-wet Dolomites For Accurate Reservoir Modeling
    C.J. Lipinski, M. Van Wie, N. Pennington, Spur Energy Partners; W. Von Gonten, S. Ali, W.D. Von Gonten Engineering LLC.; A. Mathur, M. Ali, W D Von Gonten Engineering LLC
  • 1620-1640 24041
    Pushing The Limits Of Gas Recovery Factor Through Holistic Integrated Network Modelling For Natural Depletion Drive Brown Fields
    P. Yip, A.K. Sinha, R.B. Md Rabi, W. Wan Mohamad, V. Gaur, A.B. Hamid, H. Law, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
  • 1640-1700 23918
    Integrated Workflow For Reservoir Development And Optimization In A Low-seismic-resolution Formation: A Case Study Of A Gas Reservoir In Pakistan
    S.B. Abrar, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.
  • 1700-1720 23935
    Breaking The Chain, Novel Use Of Adaptive Models Approach For Reservoir Modelling Reduces Time Duration Of Project And Improves Collaboration
    A. Thompson, C. Zerpa Bolivar, Saudi Aramco
  • Alternate 23919
    Field Development Plan Defined By Technology: Pressure Transient Analysis And Spectral Decomposition Integrated With Production Made The Difference
    Z. Ardhi, M. Glukstad, A. Rafliansyah, M. Al Abdali, P. Govinda, R. Mohanty, H. Shabibi, Petroleum Development Oman
  • Alternate 24067
    Adaptive Approach To Static And Dynamic Models Reconciliation In Integrated Reservoir Studies
    S. Shalaby, Saudi Aramco; H. Mana, Y. Tayeb, O. Akinsanmi, Saudi Aramco PE&D
  • Alternate 24058
    An Advanced Workflow And Tool To Map New Sweet Spot And Enhanced Well Placement Strategy Using Machine Learning In Unconventional Reservoir
    S. Wan Sagar, PETRONAS
  • Alternate 24030
    Notional Development Concept Screening Using Probabilistic Workflow For Prospects & Greenfield Projects
    A.K. Sinha, PETRONAS CARIGALI SDN BHD; S. Jalan, S. Garimella, PETRONAS
  • Alternate 24037
    An Intelligent Inversion Method For Complex Fractures Using Ensemble Neural Network
    S. Sun, China University of Petroleum(East China); W. Wang, China University of Petroleum (East China)
  • Alternate 23953
    Reducing Exploration Risk In Offshore Gas Reservoirs Using Creaming Curves: A Case Study In Indonesia
    A. Abdul Azizurrofi, BPMIGAS; L. Gaos, SKK Migas
  • Alternate 24031
    An Improved Method For Oil-water Contact Determination In Connected Fractured-caved Reservoir Modeling Restricted By Data Of Oil Displacement By Cyclic Water Injection
    Q. Zhang, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, CNPC

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