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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

2024 Technical Program

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110 Petroleum Geology — Case Studies

Wednesday, 14 February
Room 7
  • 1100-1120 23276
    Quantitative Stratigraphy Of The Middle To Upper Jurassic Carbonate System In The Arabian Intrashelf Basin Using 3D Stratigraphic Forward Modeling
    B. Fahmi, R.N. Syahputra, A. Herlambang, A. Koeshidayatullah, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
  • 1120-1140 23288
    Syn-rift Stratigraphy And Sedimentary Evolution Of The Midyan Basin: From Geological Observations To Forward Stratigraphic Modeling
    J. Zerpa, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; J. YE, King Abdullah University of Science & Tech; G. Baby, A. Afifi, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
  • 1140-1200 23221
    The Guyana-suriname Basin Rejuvenation Leveraging ML-based Technology As Part Of Fully Integrated Subsurface Evaluation
    H. Maulana, PETRONAS; E. Andersen, PETRONAS Carigali; J.L. Etienne, Halliburton Consulting
  • 1200-1220 23231
    Detached Mid-ramp Patchy Shoals In The Callovian-oxfordian Arabian Intrashelf Basins: Stratigraphic Architecture And Depositional Environments
    D.Z. Tang, F. Qayyum, M. ALVAREZ, Saudi Aramco; H.Y. Alhawaj, Saudi Aramco Exploration
  • Alternate 23291
    Beyond Carbonate Geological Mapping With Integrated Spectral Remote Sensing: A Case From Mesozoic Carbonate, Central Saudi Arabia
    A. Hammam, A. Korin, Geosciences Department, College of Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences, King Fahd University of Pe; A. Herlambang, Center for Integrated Petroleum Research, College of Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences, King Fah; K. Al Ramadan, A. Koeshidayatullah, Geosciences Department, College of Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences, King Fahd University of Pe
  • Alternate 23226
    Mesozoic Tectono-stratigraphic Evolution Of The Northwestern Sirte Basin (Gulf Of Sirte, Offshore Libya)
    M. Bruno, L. Trupiano, P. D'adda, G. Serafini, P. Carubelli, ENI SPA
  • Alternate 23293
    Deep Marine Siliciclastic Sedimentation In A méLange Zone: An Example From The Late Cretaceous Fayah Formation In Batain méLange, Northeastern Oman
    I. AHMED ABBASI, J. Attar, Sultan Qaboos University; A. Al-Harthy, PDO; M. El-Ghali, Sultan Qaboos University
  • Alternate 23311
    Step-forward Toward The Hydrocarbon Exploration In The Northern Egyptian Red Sea Region: Implications To The Petroleum System With Correlations Between The Egyptian Red Sea Onshore Side, Southern Gulf Of Suez, And The Offshore Side Of The Egyptian Red Sea.
    A. Noureldin, A. Metwally, W. Mabrouk, Cairo University
  • Alternate 23253
    Application Of Multi-scale Fracture Identification In Yongchuan Shale Gas Reservoir
    Q. Qin, T. Jiang, SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd.; Y. Zeng, China University of Petroleum (East China)
  • Alternate 23266
    Characterization Of Permeability Enhancement And Selective Dolomitization In Bioturbated Carbonate Media
    C.A. Polo, I. Deshenenkov, F. Khaldi, Saudi Aramco; P. Tarabbia, Saudi Aramco Exploration
  • Alternate 23333
    Unraveling Carbonate Platform Margins Of The Tuwaiq Mountain Formation On The Arabian Plate
    H.Y. Alhawaj, F. Qayyum, D.Z. Tang, Saudi Aramco

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