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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

2024 Technical Program

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051 Velocity Model Building and Depth Imaging II

Tuesday, 13 February
Room 7
  • 1100-1120 23638
    Fast Beam Migration Tomography On Dispersed Source Array Blended Data
    A. Alzayer, Saudi Aramco PE&D; M.S. Mubarak, A. Ali, EXPEC Advanced Research Center; C. Tsingas, Saudi Aramco PE&D
  • 1120-1140 23621
    Improving Underlying Image By Resolving Velocity Anomaly And Compensating For Seismic Absorption Using Q Pre-stack Depth Migration : A Case Study Of 3d Land Sukowati Indonesia
    M. Subhan, PT Pertamina EP; a.s. kusuma, Pertamina EP; m. razi, Pertamina; h. sipahutar, Pertamina EP; a.s. agustina, PT. Petrowell Energi; D. Biramandita, Paradigm - Aspentech; A. Amperianto, Pertamina
  • 1140-1200 23637
    Rejuvenating Egypt's Gulf Of Suez Using Ocean Bottom Node Acquisition And Imaging
    M.M. Sobh, SLB D&I; A.I. Abouelela, A. Kanrar, A. Khalifa, SLB
  • 1200-1220 23644
    Dynamic Resolution Tlfwi To Resolve The Structure Distortion Beyond The Penetration Of Diving Waves In Tuna Psc Block
    J. Wang, Y. Chen, P. Deng, Z. Yu, CGG Services (Singapore) Pte.Ltd; N. Crabtree, D. Mulyono, N. Juliansyah, Harbour Energy
  • Alternate 23667
    Traveltime-based Reflection Full Waveform Inversion With Low-wavenumber Enhancement Using Energy Norm Born Modeling
    H. Liang, Aramco Americas; Y. Kim, Saudi Aramco PE&D
  • Alternate 23653
    Building A Simple Velocity Model By Utilizing Pseudo-average Velocity Kriged With Different Methods
    A. Alhelaili, S. Almeshari, Saudi Aramco
  • Alternate 23657
    Angle Domain Common Image Gathers (ADCIGs) Based Upon Convolutional Neural Network
    H. Rusmanugroho, J. Li, PETRONAS
  • Alternate 23661
    Solving Eikonal Equation With High-order Fast Sweeping Method
    Y. He, Aramco Research Center - Beijing, Aramco Asia; Y. Kim, Saudi Aramco PE&D
  • Alternate 23639
    Solution For Improving The Identification Of Low Relief Carbonate Reefs In Shallow Water Areas
    H. Zhang, H. Du, J. Wang, H. Cheng, Y. Shen, GRI, BGP Inc., CNPC
  • Alternate 23665
    Enhancement Of Seismic Image Based On Novel Approach With Deep Artificial Intelligence
    R. Malikov, T. Yeleskina, J. Karimli, O. Mammadov, H. Asgarov, I. Shahsenov, WAVERITY LLC
  • Alternate 23668
    Machine Learning Application On Seismic Diffraction Detection And Preservation For High-resolution Imaging
    Y. Bashir, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey; M. Khan, Saudi Aramco; M. Mahgoub, ADNOC Upstream; S. Ali, University of Sarghodah; Q. Imran, Universiti Teknologi Petronas; C. Imran, A. Karaman, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

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