1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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EP46 ePoster

Wednesday, 1 March
BCC Hall A & B, Level 22

The current presentation date and time shown is a TENTATIVE schedule. The final/confirm ePoster presentation schedule will be notified/available in February 2023.

  • 1330-1400 23103
    Practical Examples of Maximising Real-time LWD Data through Utilising Electromagnetic Telemetry (EMT) on Onshore Wells, Indonesia
    V.B. Manurung, N. Sirait, E. Hutagaol, R. Jarekson, B. Pernando, B.H. Aulia, B. Bahrul, R. Munthe, E. Septiyanih, Halliburton
  • 1330-1400 23096
    First Time in Thailand: Ocean Data Platform through the Use of Offshore Facilities
    W. Channarong, N. Taranut, S. Pitakuldilog, PTTEP
  • 1330-1400 23105
    Numerical Investigation Of Formation Caprock Integrity: A Hydrogen Underground Seasonal Storage Case Study
    M.A. AlDhuhoori, H.A. Belhaj, F. Alhameli, Khalifa U. of Science and Technology
  • 1330-1400 23090
    Generation of Sodium Hypochlorite from Produced Water
    M.B. Faris, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1330-1400 23107
    Evolution of Power Generation of Offshore Wellhead Platform to 100% Solar Power System Design
    W. Kurustien, T. Maneeanekcoon, P. Chaiwiboonpol, PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited
  • 1330-1400 23082
    Innovative Fireproof Insulation for Safe Operation of Non-metallic Pipe
    S. Jinarakpong, S. Kumseranee, S. Punpruk, T. Sanitmuang, N. Rattanasombattawee, PTTEP
  • 1330-1400 23104
    First Implementation of Ultra High Compressive Strength 12.5 ppg Cement Slurry in Production String in Kuwait Oilfields
    M. Thanaa, A. Soliman, E. Lopez, CPVEN; A. Fadtare, Kuwait Oil Co.
  • 1330-1400 23080
    Planning for Well Integrity Jobs Using Multifrequency Electromagnetic Tools
    J. Dai, A.E. Fouda, Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.
  • 1330-1400 23091
    Accurate Non-nuclear MPFM Metering Technology for Remote Well Testing with Huge Carbon Footprint Reduction
    B. Raman, Weatherford Malaysia
  • 1330-1400 23088
    New Hybrid Technology and Sensing at the Bit Sensors Utilised in Directional Applications at North to Kuwait to Help to Identify and Minimise Disfunctions
    J.C. Fierro, Halliburton; Y. Pan, Halliburton Energy Services Group; K. Vrnak, Halliburton; F.M. Almutawa, S. Arora, N.K. Al Barazi, Kuwait Oil Co.
  • 1330-1400 23078
    First Global Intervention on a Mechanical Barrier with Coil Tubing Unit to Resolve a Challenging Well Control Event: A Case Study from Brunei
    J. Dayem, I. Gurmin, P. Dwivedi, M. Mappy, G. Milne, Shell; K. Basanov, Y. Yong, J. Law, Halliburton
  • 1330-1400 23102
    Real-time Downhole Monitoring Using DAS And DTS: A New Technology for Leak Detection and Well Integrity
    A. Cherubini, S. Richard, G. Calbris, C. Jestin, V. Lanticq, FEBUS OPTICS
  • 1330-1400 23101
    AI Applied on a Rig Continuous Circulation System
    V.M. Mamuscia, A. Calderoni, Drillmec Spa; A. Amuzzoni, S. Congiu, Drillmec S.p.a.; M. Ermidoro, AISent Srl
  • 1330-1400 23098
    Apply Cost Effective Multiple Cementing Technologies to Sidetrack in Air Drilling Environment in Chiya Khere Field
    H.A. Hasan, OiLSERV
  • 1330-1400 23086
    Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Well Design Using Cloud Software
    M. Hassan, Oliasoft; A. Mohamad, J. Strand, Oliasoft AS
  • 1330-1400 23097
    Chemical Sand Consolidation and Through-tubing Gravel Pack, the Effective Alternative Sand Control Methods in Zawtika Field
    C. Peerakham, N. Haripogepornkul, N. Puttaworapoom, S. Direkmahamongkol, W. Chantarataneewat, N. Piyakunkiat, PTTEP International Ltd. (Yangon Branch)
  • 1330-1400 23093
    Challenges and Best Practices for Recovering Stuck Coiled Tubing Pipe Conveying a Cable
    R. Torres, Shaya Consortium; S. Hassig Fonseca, C. Villacres, Z. Liu, SLB
  • 1330-1400 23106
    A Novel Seawater-based Fracturing Fluid for Streamlined Logistics, Long-term Scale Protection, and Enhanced Oil Recovery
    L. Ke, Z. Yue, A. Slocum, C. Li, T.H. Larsen, Halliburton

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