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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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KSP30 Knowledge Sharing ePoster Station 10: Thursday, 2 March 2023

Thursday, 2 March
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Station 10
This session includes abstract only submission for 22923. Abstract only submissions denote that the author/speaker(s) have opted for abstract only submission and these technical papers are not available in the Digital Proceedings/OnePetro.
  • 1030-1100 23057
    Research and Practice of Steam Huff and Puff Depressurisation and Increase Injection Volume Technology for the First Offshore Super Heavy Oil Reservoir in China
    H. Wang, Q. Wang, X. Han, H. Zhang, H. Liu, C. Wang, H. Zhang, Z. Wang, P. Dou, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch
  • 1330-1400 22923
    Development of an Automated and Compact Multi-phase Well Test Metering System
    M. Arsalan, Saudi Aramco; S. Mahalingam, Aramco Overseas Company
  • 1530-1600 22941
    Application of Seismic-geological Integration Anisotropy Modelling and PSDM Technology to Horizontal-well Group Deployment in New Exploration Field
    Y. Bao, H. Zhao, C. Wang, Y. Wang, F. Yan, Z. Zhang, S. Guo, X. Li, S. Yao, Exploration and Development Research Inst. of Daqing Oilfield Co. Ltd.

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