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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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KSP03 Knowledge Sharing ePoster Station 3: Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Wednesday, 1 March
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Station 3
  • 1030-1100 23051
    Integrated Measurement and Control Technology for Intelligent Artificial Lift Based on Multiphase Flowmeter
    G. Chen, F. Deng, S. Chen, J. Shi, W. Jiang, G. Ma, C. Wang, RIPED, CNPC
  • 1300-1330 23062
    Unlocking Ultimate Values of a Complex Gas-Condensate-Light Oil Asset in the Middle East with Integrated Pore to Process Solutions
    S.H. Khor, T. Limpasurat, Q.M. Zhang, I. Graa, SLB
  • 1330-1400 23077
    Hydraulic Fracturing Practices for Sustainable Production in Gas Wells: Approach, Methodology, Results, and Comparison with Offset Gas Wells Case Histories
    M. Aldawsari, A.T. Alsulaim, Saudi Aramco; R. Khamatdinov, Baker Hughes EHO; J. Vossen, Baker Hughes
  • 1530-1600 23027
    Intelligent Prediction of Downhole Drillstring Vibrations in Horizontal Wells by Employing Artificial Neural Network
    R. Saadeldin, H. Gamal, S.M. Elkatatny, A. Abdulraheem, D. Al Shehri, King Fahd U. of Petroleum & Minerals
  • 1600-1630 23030
    Long-term Productivity Monitoring of Multistage Wells with New Quantum Dot Technology and Its Application in Xinjiang Oilfield
    Y. Junhong, P. Pei, L. Zhongbao, Anton Oilfield Service (Group) Ltd.; S. Sunxin, T. Zhihua, Q. Ziyao, PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield; W. Guangyu, A. Belova, Beijing Geosplit Oil & Gas Field Technology LLC

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