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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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Panel Session 1: Reinventing the Oil and Gas Value Chain amidst the Energy Transition

Thursday, 2 March
World Ballroom B, Level 23

The oil and gas industry comprises of long-established sectors undergoing massive disruptions on multiple fronts. Today, the industry is in a critical situation where hydrocarbons are viewed as a risk to future life due to global warming caused by carbon emissions. As a result, many organisations have realised that real change must happen in their policy, culture, technology, and even their people's mindset to create healthy business value.

The established belief is that we cannot survive without oil and gas, and this industry will continue for decades. However, this industry must adapt its businesses toward energy transition and drive the value chain by considering emission management.

By “Pivoting to the New”, operators must apply agile business models to succeed in the future and invest in the benefits these game-changing opportunities may offer. Some operating companies are already transforming their core businesses to be hyper-efficient, while others are on a transition journey from “oil” to “energy,”.

However, this transformation needs to be quick for our business to remain relevant. Disruptors have already entered the industry, so incumbents need to act faster and drive the changes society wants to see. A strategy to transform their current core business can create efficiencies to release funds to grow and scale new businesses simultaneously.

In this panel session, we will hear from top industry leaders discussing their opinions and strategies for this purpose, what they have done so far and what will be their energy transition roadmap.

Matthew Penn, Senior Vice President - Aker Solutions, Malaysia
Ramanrao Abdullah, Group Chief Executive Officer - Deleum Berhad
Kamel Ben-Naceur, CEO - Nomadia Energy
Kanita Sartwattayu, Executive Vice President, Domestic Production Asset Group - PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited
Mohd. Redhani Abdul Rahman, Vice President of Exploration, Upstream - PETRONAS
Abdellah Merad, Executive Vice President, Core Services & Equipment - SLB
Eric Andersen, Head Geoscience Solutions, Exploration/Upstream - PETRONAS
Prateek Pandey, Vice President, Southeast Asia Upstream Research, - Rystad Energy

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