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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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Panel Session 4: CCUS: Prospects and Technologies

Thursday, 2 March
World Ballroom B, Level 23

The petroleum community is currently experiencing a rapidly growing interest in sustainability, where the energy landscape is anticipated to transition. Many parties within the community aim to reduce their carbon footprints via decarbonisation technologies. Among various pathways towards a low-carbon future, CCUS is deemed by many as the key answer, which builds upon the existing expertise of the petroleum community and represents an effective decarbonisation technology applicable for large-scale deployment in practice. Even though CCUS has gained a lot of attention and support from many governmental and private parties alike, there are still challenges and hurdles that we, as a community, must overcome before CCUS can be utilised at its full potential.

In this panel session, we will discuss perspectives from CCUS trailblazers and practitioners worldwide. We will reflect upon what they have learned and ponder on how we can best move forward as a community with the common goal of a sustainable energy future with CCUS in mind.

This panel session will address and discuss:

•Financial and regulatory challenges to kick-start CCUS initiatives and support their long-term operation

•Roles of carbon mechanism (such as carbon tax, credits, trading) as a potential expediter of CCUS deployment

•Challenges on CO2 source (petroleum value chain vs. other industrial emitters) and its country of origin (domestic vs. cross-border)

•CCUS potential and technological advancements in view of application in Asia Pacific

•Environmental roadblocks, long-term liabilities and mitigation plans

•Notable risks and public concerns on CCUS applications

•Lessons learned and best practices from successful applications

Linda Stalker, Senior Principal Research Scientist - CSIRO
Emry Hisham Yusoff, Head, Carbon Management Division - PETRONAS
Koji Yamamoto, Vice President, Energy Business Unit - Japan Org. for Metals and Energy Security
Nopasit Chaiwanakupt, Acting Executive Vice President, Technology, Carbon Solutions, and Sustainable Growth - PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited
Iain Macdonald, Principal Advisor, Technical Carbon Advocacy - Shell
Nazrin Banu Shaikh S Ahmad, Senior Vice President, Sarawak Resource Management - PETRONAS
Yanadet Sripanich, Energy Transition Lead - PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited

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