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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

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Panel Session 5: Towards a Human-centric AI Collaborative Ecosystem: A Holistic Approach

Friday, 3 March
World Ballroom B, Level 23

The rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has generated much excitement around its potential to enhance our daily lives. As a result, AI experts are having frequent conversations about the best ways to leverage AI in our society. The human-centred AI approach has emerged out of this dialogue. Human-centred AI is an emerging discipline intent on creating AI systems that amplify and augment rather than displace human abilities. It seeks to preserve human control in a way that ensures artificial intelligence meets human needs while also operating transparently, delivering equitable outcomes, and respecting privacy.

Human-centred AI keeps human input at the centre of the design and building process. This approach takes advantage of the strengths of both humans and machines, enabling them to collaborate in a way that mutually reduces blind spots. Human-centred AI learns from human input and collaboration, focusing on algorithms among a more extensive, human-based system. It is defined by systems continuously improving because of human information while providing a practical experience between humans and machines. By developing machine intelligence to understand human language, emotion and behaviour, human-centred AI pushes the boundaries of previously limited AI solutions to bridge the gap between machines and humans.

From a business standpoint, human-centred AI solutions leverage human science and qualitatively thick data to understand the deeper needs, aspirations and drivers that underlie customer behaviours in a market. Advanced contextual analytics combine data and human science to deliver specific behavioural information. When analytics are applied to human behaviours and choices, patterns appear. These contextual analytics combine data and human science to produce dramatically improved and personalised customer experiences. Clear, informed business strategies can be developed when companies know what their customers do and expect.

The dialog in this session will focus on the differentiation between human-centred and autonomous AI, the business benefits of human-centred AI, and whether it should be considered as a catalyst in digital business transformation as a way forward.

Cao Hong, President of BGP - CNPC
Michael Deal, Vice President, Upstream Technology Portfolio - ExxonMobil
Thana Slanvetpan, Acting Senior Vice President, attached to Executive Vice President, Technology and Carbon Solutions Group, seconded as General Manager for AI & Robotics Ventures (ARV) - PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited
Omar Alnahdi, Manager, Simulation Systems Division - Saudi Aramco
Suresh Sinnappu, President Director Indonesia - Baker Hughes
Panu Boonwattanopas, Thailand Digital Manager - Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Ltd.

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