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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

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Panel Session 7: Fuels of the Future

Friday, 3 March
World Ballroom B, Level 23

As the world is moving toward cleaner and more renewable energy sources and power systems, new solutions are undeniably needed to strike a proper balance in global energy production when decarbonisation has become the international interest. In recent years, the energy sector has drastically increased its focus on sustainability and resilient assets. What is more, stakeholders are increasingly calling for commitments to reduce emissions and transition planning to ensure the stability of future energy supply. Government sectors worldwide also play a more vital role in regulating and pushing their policy toward a greener spectrum, taking carbon taxes as an example.  Last but most importantly, consciousness towards environmental protection is widely spreading and ultimately dictating investment decisions.  

In the face of changing perspectives on fossil fuels, the petroleum E&P industry must take immediate action to prepare for the future. One immediate action observable is an increase in the shares of natural gas in investment portfolios as it is more resilient than other fossil fuels, primarily because natural gas is among the cleanest fossil fuels available. It is safe to assume that natural gas will be the last step in the energy transition.  But that is never enough to keep up with the earthly trend towards greenhouse gas emission reduction.  While moving towards cleaner energy, technologies and means to neutralize CO₂ emissions will soon become the norm of natural gas production operation. Carbon capture and utilisation or storage will play a significant part during this interim transition period.

Technologies to replace fossil fuels also exist today and can be perceived to become more and more focused.  With a carbon-neutral society finally in sight, delivering energy at zero CO₂ emission will soon put natural gas in the minority. Indeed, the industry will move towards "Fuels of the Future".

Renewable energy and fuels like hydrogen and other carbon-neutral synthetic sources will pave the way to replace fossil fuels for power generation.  Over the following decades, they will become a significant part of the global energy supply portfolio. We can expect other renewable sources like solar, wind, wave, or geothermal to become much more predominant. 

It has never been more evident that the energy transition is moving towards future types of fuels. This session will cover these exciting topics, views and discussions about our energy sector's future.

Li Qun, Senior Specialist, R&D Department - CNPC
Shoichi Kaganoi, Executive Officer, Vice President, Hydrogen & CCUS Development Division - INPEX Corporation
Scott Badger, Vice President Hydrogen – APAC - Worley
Danuwas Lambasara - PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited

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