1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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TS10 Technical Session 10: Optimisation of Well Planning and Execution Completions

Wednesday, 1 March
Lotus Suite 11, Level 22
Technical Session
Jennie Pui Ling Chin - SLB
Yitian Xiao - Sinopec Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Inst.
  • 1100-1130 22781
    Case History: Alternative Application of Cased Hole Gravel Pack with Openhole Standalone Screen and Water Contact Isolation Using Swell Packers
    S. Zain, M. A Syukor, S.M. James Berok, M.F. Ijaz, A. Ghallab, PETRONAS; S. Agnes Tan, Schlumberger; P. Chin, N. P Mosar, SLB
  • 1130-1200 22743
    Expanding the Envelopes of Open Hole Gravel Packing in Sabah Deepwater Malaysia
    N. Nopsiri, PTTEP Sabah Oil Ltd.; E. Samuel, PTTEP Sarawak Oil Ltd.
  • 1200-1230 22725
    An Innovative Wellbore Cleanup Solution for Non-cemented Lower Completions Saves 27 Million$ in Onshore UAE
    E.N. Varma, ADNOC Onshore
  • Alternate 22757
    A Breakthrough Solution to Set ESP Packer at High Inclination Intervals Up to 70 Degree Using a Creative Slick Line Design and Tubing Plug System with Over 25% Saving in the Middle East Depleted Oil Field
    M.H. Almuallim, SLB
  • Alternate 22755
    A New Multistage Fracturing Completion Approach For Sanding Formations: First Application In The Region
    R.S. Rodoplu, I.G. Brohi, K. Mohanna, A.A. Qahtani, Saudi Aramco PE&D
  • Alternate 22736
    Mitigating Operational Risk through First Asia Pacific’s Novel RFID Application in a Horizontal ERD Oil Producer
    N. Garib, S.M. Bela, W. C Hamat, M. M Aziss, M. Mat Deris, F. Zainal Abidin, R. Mohd Amin, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
  • Alternate 22727
    A Delicate Balancing Act between Casing and Tubing Stress Design Versus Downhole Material Selection for A HPHT Carbonate Development Wells with High Contaminants
    G.G. Ong, PTTEP Malaysia; S. Punpruk, G. Grant, PTTEP
  • Alternate 22756
    Application of Simulation Software to Enhance Filter Cake Breaker Placement
    K. Govinathan, S. Jain, DuneFront; A. Balasandran, K. Yeo, Halliburton

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