1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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TS16 Technical Session 16: Challenges in Well Construction

Thursday, 2 March
Lotus Suite 11, Level 22
Technical Session
Rodrigo Varela - SLB
Avinash Kumar - PETRONAS
  • 0900-0930 22810
    How Expandable Casing Patches Can Restore Casing Integrity and Enable to Sidetrack an Old Well
    R. Shahreyar, M. Kelly, OMV; C. Albouy, B. Le Pouezard, SLB
  • 0930-1000 22822
    Overcoming Challenging Openhole Conditions Using Flotation Approach
    A.M. Haji, Saudi Aramco D&WO
  • 1000-1030 22815
    Successful Drilling of the Deepest and Hottest HPHT Carbonate Well in Central Luconia, Off the Coast of Sarawak, Offshore Malaysia
    S.G. Ong, PTTEP Malaysia; N. Kongpat, PTTEP International Ltd (Yangon)
  • Alternate 22797
    Experimental Investigation Cement Compatibility in Underground Hydrogen Storage
    V.S. Iorio, F. Cracolici, Eni SpA; S. Racca, Eni Agip SpA; F. Parrozza, L. Sabatino, E. Previde Massara, G. Ricci Maccarini, Eni SpA
  • Alternate 22786
    Particulate Wellbore Fluid Strengthening Methodology. Design and Application in an Offshore Vietnam Severely Depleted Sand Reservoir
    M.J. Motta, S. Huynh, SLB; C. Tran D.M, T.Q. Le, Y. Minnyeong, T. Lam Minh, P. Quoc Hung, A. Beaugeois, Cuu Long Joint Operating Co.
  • Alternate 22807
    The Accurate Pore Pressure Prediction with Coupled Geomechanical and Thermodynamics Model
    X. Huang, CNPC USA
  • Alternate 22818
    Executing Directional Drilling and Conductor Drive Method in Surface Section to Avoid Well Collision Issue, a Case Study in NE Intan Field, Offshore Southeast Sumatra, Indonesia
    R.W. Sugembong, PT Pertamina Hulu Energi OSES; S.F. Abdila, SKK Migas; N. Sirait, Y. Suwartono, P. Saraswati, V.B. Manurung, Halliburton
  • Alternate 22787
    Reach Beyond the Limit, the Furthest Step Out S Shape Wells in Deep Gas Well Project
    A. Syamsudhuha, E. Brahmanto, S. Bansal, S. Al Marri, F. Andres Marin Uribe, A. El Nakhlawi, F. Siddiqi, SLB

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