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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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TS22 Technical Session 22: Reservoir Management

Thursday, 2 March
Lotus Suite 1-2, Level 22
Technical Session
David Leary - Deep-time Digital Earth
Suvaluck Ratanavanich - PTTEP
  • 1600-1630 22870
    Cause Analyses and Countermeasures of Abnormal-Low-Production Wells in Jingbian Tight Gas Reservoir, Ordos Basin
    Y. Wang, Y. Yao, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; H. Wu, CNOOC Research Inst. Co., Ltd.; J. Dai, L. Wang, Z. Mu, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing
  • 1630-1700 22861
    Uplifting the Productivity of a Mature Gas Giant in Pakistan Using Integrated Asset Modelling
    S. Ahmed, G.M. Waqas, H. Sheikh, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.
  • 1700-1730 22862
    Advancement in Waterflood and EOR Performance Assessment and Optimisation with Capacitance-resistance Model in the Largest Oil Field, Thailand
    R. Laochamroonvorapongse, PTTEP

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