1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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TS30 Technical Session 30: Integrated Reservoir Engineering

Friday, 3 March
Lotus Suite 5-6, Level 22
Technical Session
Luky Hendraningrat - PETRONAS
Chris Mijnssen - Arrow Energy
  • 0900-0930 22957
    A Comparison Of Fiber Optic Das Vsp Acquired Between Cemented, Tubing And Wireline: Field Trial
    M. Mad Zahir, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; K.M. Abdul Aziz, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; A. Ghazali, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.
  • 0930-1000 22939
    Frontiering Ultra-deep Water Gas Field Development, Offshore Black Sea-Turkey: Solutions to Complex Well Testing Challenges and Proving Production Potential
    Y.A. Shumakov, S. Sarac, SLB; C. Ayan, K. Cig, M. Gökmen, Y. Abacıoğlu, A.G. Ceyhan, M.E. Karaaslan, M.E. Gozel, F. Tekin, M.F. Tugan, O. Kaya, T. Ozdogan, S. Ekinci, Turkish Petroleum
  • 1000-1030 22943
    Integration of Dynamic, Static and Seismic Models to Deliver High Precision Drilling Target for Mature Fields
    A.J. Chan, A.J. Chan, PTTEP
  • Alternate 22931
    Analytical Comparison Between Biosteered Under Balanced Coiled Tubing Drilled Wells And Stimulated Conventionally Drilled Wells To Optimise Production
    F.A. Alshuhail, M. Alsaad, M. Alqahtani, Saudi Aramco
  • Alternate 22926
    3D Shear Failure Gradient Cube Construction for Mitigating Breakout Issues in Shaly Formations in Rumaila Field, Southern Iraq
    Y.M. Al-Asadi, U. of Basra; SLB; G. Nasreldin, SLB; M. Al-Shahwan, U. of Basra; M. Hernandez Hernandez, SLB; O. Albooawath, Rumaila Operation Organization
  • Alternate 22933
    The Use of LWD Sonic Data to Build 1D Geomechanics Model for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Optimisation in Mature Asset, a Case Study in High-angle Deviated Wells Of North-West Java Basin, Indonesia
    V.B. Manurung, L. Warkhaida, A.E. Farag, H. Kurniawan, D. Cahyanto, Halliburton; I.G. Ridhanta, R. Arieffiandhany, E. Prasetyo, PT Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ
  • Alternate 22937
    First Worldwide Implementation of 6-inch Slim Advanced Downhole Fluid Analyzer in Challenging North Kuwait Deep Tight Jurassic Gas
    M. Abdel-Basset, SLB; Y.M. Alotaibi, T.Y. Bloushi, M. Al-Mutawa, Kuwait Oil Co.; D. Kho, H. Ayyad, M. Metwally, S. Alajmi, SLB
  • Alternate 22947
    High Excess Calcium Dolomites: Implications for Well Stimulation Operations
    I. Ivanishin, Texas A&M U.

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