1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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TS39 Technical Session 39: Advancements in Drilling Technology

Friday, 3 March
Lotus Suite 11, Level 22
Technical Session
Md Mofazzal Hossain - Curtin U.
Alan Morrison - Geolog International B.V.
  • 1100-1130 23005
    Study On Rotary Percussive Drilling Tool Optimisation And Trial Test Evaluation
    Y. tu, Sinopec Tech Middle East LLC; B. Li, G. Zhan, Saudi Aramco PE&D; R. Rached, E.D. Gramajo Silva, Sinopec Tech Middle East LLC
  • 1130-1200 23021
    Novel 3D PDC Cutters Technology: From Modelling to ROP Records
    A. AlJumah, SLB
  • 1200-1230 23061
    Integrated Engineering Solutions for Drilling Extended Reach Multilateral Wells with Lateral Sections More Than 2000 Meters with the Use of Mud Motor: Successful Experience in Tazovskoye Field
    N.V. Abaltusov, S.A. Tensin, M.V. Zibrov, A.V. Emshanov, Weatherford; E.S. Khayvarin, M.G. Gorbunov, Gazprom-neft
  • Alternate 22994
    Innovation in Rotary Steerable Bottom Hole Assembly
    A. Abbasgholipour, SLB Malaysia IDS; N. Panwar, S. Noihuang, SLB
  • Alternate 23004
    Improved Bit Design with 360° Rolling Cutters and Conical Diamond Elements Saved 2.9 Days on a Well Drilled through Hard and Abrasive Sandstone
    L.V. Ngo, W. Khobchit, SLB; S. Amranand, N. Panmamuang, PTTEP
  • Alternate 23023
    First Worldwide Development And Deployment Of A Uniquely Designed Blowout Stopper
    M.S. Buali, M.R. Alzaid, T.K. Abdulghaffar, Saudi Aramco; B. Gallagher, Kinetic Pressure Control
  • Alternate 23008
    Releasing Bottom-hole Stress and Enhancing Drilling Efficiency with Weight-on-bit Self-adjusting Dual-diameter PDC Bit Technology in Tarim Oilfield Application
    H. Hu, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Co. Ltd.; Z. Guan, China U. of Petroleum (East China); H. Wang, G. Ji, H. Huang, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Co. Ltd.
  • Alternate 23055
    Field Results from a New Drillpipe Deployed Casing and Cement Inspection Tool Shows Rig Efficiency Gains Across Well Construction Operations
    A. Hawthorn, R. Steinsiek, S. Rahman, Baker Hughes

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