1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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TS41 Technical Session 41: Petrophysics and Formation Evaluation

Friday, 3 March
Lotus Suite 3-4, Level 22
Technical Session
Eric Delamaide - IFP Technologies (Canada) Inc.
Ayham Ashqar - PETRONAS
  • 1400-1430 23034
    Taking Petrophysics to New Horizons Far Field Saturation and Lithology in Clastic Reservoir
    E. Bikchandaev, A.O. Taher, Halliburton Saudi Arabia; I. Hermawan Manuab, R. Ghanim, Saudi Aramco PE&D
  • 1430-1500 23063
    LWD Laterolog Vs Electromagnetic Propagation: Who Is Telling The True Resistivity?
    I. Hermawan Manuaba, M.K. Aljishi, Saudi Aramco; M. Van Steene, J.T. Dolan, SLB
  • 1500-1530 23024
    Rock Physics Applications on Seismic-based Reservoir Characterisation of the Gas Fields, Offshore Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area
    P. Boonyasatphan, T. Akarapatima, PTTEP; Y. Poonyachotwanich, P. Majikol, H. Hafit, S.M. Taha Mohi Eldin, M. Abd Mutalib, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Co.
  • Alternate 23054
    Slim LWD NMR Resolves Uncertainty in Oil Quality and Extends Field Producible Area
    A.A. Al-Fawwaz, Aramco Gulf Operations Co.; A.Y. Usman, A. Aboudi, M.M. Najem, F.A. Al-Otaibi, AL Khafji Joint Operations; M. Van Steene, SLB Saudi Arabia; J.T. Dolan, SLB Middle East SA; Y.R. Al Dhaferi,; Y.R. Al-Dhaferi, Al-Khafji Joint Operations
  • Alternate 23017
    Integration of Deep Resistivity High Definition and Ultra-deep Resistivity 3D Inversion Enables Geo-steering in Thin Laminated Reservoirs
    A.A. Elkhamry, Saudi Aramco; A.O. Taher, E. Bikchandaev, M. Fouda, Halliburton Saudi Arabia
  • Alternate 22999
    Karst Prediction Workflow: Case Study from a Central Luconia Isolated Carbonate Build-up, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia
    S.S. Ab Rahman, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; Digital Geoscience Global Sdn. Bhd.; M.H. Husen, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; R. Rosli, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; Eliis Sdn. Bhd.
  • Alternate 22985
    Sedimentological, Diagenetic, And Petrophysical Control On The Miocene Submarine Fan Deposits, Gulf Of Suez: Implications For Reservoir Architecture And Quality
    K.B. Abdelhalim, Gulf of Suez Petroleum Co.; A. Radwan, Jagillionian U.; W. Abdelghany, M. Elkhawaga, Gulf of Suez Petroleum Co.
  • Alternate 23043
    Comparison of Petrophysical Rock Typing Using Supervised and Unsupervised Data Driven Methodology for an Improve Reservoir Properties Prediction in Alpha Field
    F.H. Kasim, E. Jones Jr, PETRONAS; L. Nurhakim, Independent

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