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1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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TS42 Technical Session 42: Integrated Reservoir Geoscience

Friday, 3 March
Lotus Suite 5-6, Level 22
Technical Session
Shripad Biniwale, Global Innovation Manager - Subsurface - SLB
Krongrath Suwannasri - PTTEP
  • 1400-1430 23018
    Minimising Reservoir Top Structure Uncertainty through Integration of Seismic Horizon Well-tied Top Interpretation and Geosteering Distance-to-Bed-Boundary Calculation from Azimuthal Resistivity Tool: Case Study from Offshore Thailand
    N. Phettongkam, Weatherford; H.Q. Ngo, A. Ruangsirikulchai, N. Somwangsombat, R. Nasomsong, S. Visessumon, K. Jankham, P. Loviruchsutee, N. Gongsakdi, P. Chommali, PTTEP; V. Dovgopolyy, J.R. Rodriguez, A. Sitthivanich, Weatherford
  • 1430-1500 23002
    Establishment of a Workflow to Assess Pore Collapse Mechanics during a Series of Loading and Unloading Using Micro-CT Scan and Rock Mechanics Testing
    O.H. Hamid, Saudi Aramco; Robert Gordon U.; H. Aljamaan, M.H. Altwaijri, Saudi Aramco
  • 1500-1530 23035
    A New Approach for Reservoir Connectivity Assessment and Flow Assurance Prediction Applying Reservoir Fluid Geodynamics
    E. Ighodalo, M. Berkane, Saudi Aramco; T. Mattar, M.A. Ahmed, SLB

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