1–3 March 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

IPTC Programme Schedule

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TS42 Technical Session 42: Integrated Reservoir Geoscience

Friday, 3 March
Lotus Suite 5-6
Technical Session
Kumar Satyam Das - Shell
Alessandro Mannini - Beach Energy
  • 1400-1430 23018
    Minimising Reservoir Top Structure Uncertainty through Integration of Seismic Horizon Well-tied Top Interpretation and Geosteering Distance-to-Bed-Boundary Calculation from Azimuthal Resistivity Tool: Case Study from Offshore Thailand
    N... Phettongkam, Weatherford; H.Q. Ngo, N. Gongsakdi, R. Nasomsong, A. Ruangsirikulchai, K. Jankham, N. Somwangsombat, PTTEP; V. Dovgopolyy, J.R. Rodriguez, A. Sitthivanich, Anis, Weatherford
  • 1430-1500 23002
    Establishment of a Workflow to Assess Pore Collapse Mechanics during a Series of Loading and Unloading Using Micro-CT Scan and Rock Mechanics Testing
    O.H. Hamid, M.H. Altwaijri, H. Aljamaan, Saudi Aramco PE&D
  • 1500-1530 23035
    A New Approach for Reservoir Connectivity Assessment and Flow Assurance Prediction Applying Reservoir Fluid Geodynamics
    E. Ighodalo, M. Berkane, Saudi Aramco PE&D; T. Mattar, M.A. Ahmed, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia
  • Alternate 22993
    Holistic Approach to Determine the Fracture Propagation Pressure (FPP): Consistent Interpretation of Step Rate Tests Using Multiple Analysis Methods
    M. Cobanoglu, Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn. Bhd.
  • Alternate 23010
    Successful Development of the Deepest Oligocene Syn-rift Sediment in the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area: Is the Deeper Zone Our Future?
    A.S. Setiawan, S. Apiwathanasorn, S.B. Mohd Said, M.H. Simatupang, A. Rachmadi, S. Fatimah Md Rosly, R. Tultaveewat, S.M. Taha Mohi Eldin, Y. Poonyachotwanich, M.A. Razali, S. Sirimongkolrat, T. Limprasert, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Co. Sdn. Bhd.
  • Alternate 22990
    The Proper Well Spacings: A Supplementary Method to Maximise the Gulf of Thailand Development Project Value
    K. Suyacom, P. Hotarapavanon, C. Chittpayak, J. Charoensuk, K. Chuachomsuk, J. Thapchim, A. Foopatthanakamol, N. Pongpanit, K. Veeranuntawet, C. Beokhaimook, W. Thienthanukit, A. Ruangsirikulchai, S. Prateepswangwong, P. Chansawad, C. Puengsangchun, R. Nasomsong, PTTEP
  • Alternate 23062
    Unlocking Ultimate Values of a Complex Gas-Condensate-Light Oil Asset in the Middle East with Integrated Pore to Process Solutions
    S.H. Khor, T. Limpasurat, Schlumberger

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